Best eyewear styles for men and women to try out in 2021



2020 wasn’t a good year in terms of fashion and the latest trends. We were all locked up in our homes and had no opportunity to experiment with the latest styles in fashion.

But, 2021 is a lot different. Where the market for comfy and laid back clothes are seeing substantial growth, bold styles are defining the eyewear industry this year. With the fear of the virus, one trend was for sure – oversized glasses. But, there are other contemporary and retro-inspired styles as well. Scroll down to learn about the latest eyewear trends for 2021.

1. Cat-eye glasses

The feline-inspired style is eternal and has been enhancing the beauty of ladies since the 60s. However, this season, your favourite style gets a modern twist with narrow lenses to make the shape look more angular and dynamic. Cat-eye glasses are sexy and instantly lend an air of confidence to their wearers. If after lockdown, you are feeling like flaunting your fantastic taste in fashion, do it with cat-eyes.

Cat-eye glasses are available in different frame styles and materials. Whether you want them as your next spectacles of fashion frames, you can find a variety of upswept frames when you buy glasses online.

2. Colourful glasses

To get over the Covid-19 lockdown blues, what could be better than a pair of colourful glasses that have all the colours of life? We’ve all been inside our homes for too long and are now craving our best and breathtaking fashion moments.

Even when your mouth is covered, your eyes will do the talking behind those rainbow frames. The beautiful colours have a character of their own. Whether you take a quick snap while strolling down the streets or dressing up for a special occasion, the vivid colour patterns will show your personality.

3. Blue light blocking glasses

This has to be the doing of screentime. We have spent most of our time on digital devices this past year. Work from home and online learnings have made zoom calls and virtual conferences a necessity. Result? Digital eye strain, irregular sleep pattern and what not.

The prolonged exposure to digital screens has led to the growing demand for blue light glasses. These glasses have blue cut lenses that filter out the bad lights emitting from our devices. They offer a pleasant screen time experience and ensure maximum productivity even when you are working from home.

4. Geometric glasses

Geometric frames are getting more subtle and modest in design and are perfect for a sharp look. The fashionable and sleek shapes have an rtistic appeal that’s made for your quirky side. The many angles of geometric frames flatter most face shapes, especially the ones that have round or curvy features.

If you can’t find many varieties of geometric glasses at your local eyewear stores, why not grab good-quality cheap glasses online? They will fit right into your budget and you will have so  many geometric styles at your disposal.

5. Retro-inspired round glasses

The nostalgic appeal of round frames is very much alive in 2021 as well. This eyewear style  is perfect for people with rectangular or square face shapes. Where large round frames are for the creative spirits, the narrow ones make you look more elegant and reserved. This year witnesses round glasses in thin rims or transparent acetate frames with conventional designs.

6. Transparent glasses

After using the transparent materials in bags, shoes and coats, it’s time to take the experiment to glasses. The neutral colours or barely-there hues are perfect to match with all your outfits and will give you an ultra-modern look.

Online glasses or eyewear stores have a wide collection of these transparent frames in different silhouettes, shapes and colours. Buy the best one that flatters your face shape and fits your budget.

7. Tortoiseshell glasses

These classic glasses will never cease to be stylish and sophiticated. Wheter you pair them with a power suit or with a simple blue jeans and basic white t-shirt, tortoiseshell glasses elevate the appearance of your outfits as soon as you put them on.

Eyewear trends may come and go but one should wear what he/she feels most comfortable in. But, if you feel like keeping up with the latest fashion trends, grab these styles now. Sport these styles at parties or even when taking a walk through the park. Who needs a reason to look good after all?


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